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Nedap supports multiple ZIBs that are exposed through FHIR. Technical information about FHIR can be found on its website, where the standard is described. In accordance with this standard, we provide a Capability Statement which can be found using the endpoint /t/fhir/metadata.

The implementation of ZIBs is a work in progress. Below is a list of all ZIBs that can currently be queried. Below that is a list of ZIBs that will be developed.

For questions and/or remarks regarding ZIBs you can either contact your account manager or Maarten Botterhuis (

Currently supported ZIBs

Name FHIR profile ID structure
Patient Patient Client.{clientUuid}
Betaler Coverage {klantCode}.Debtor.{debtorId} or
Zorgaanbieder Practitioner {klantCode}.Employee.{employeeId} or
Zorgverlener Organization CareProvider.{agb}
Bloeddruk Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}
Lichaamslengte Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}
Lichaamstemperatuur Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}
Lichaamsgewicht Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}
Hartfrequentie Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}
O2Saturatie Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}
Polsfrequentie Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}
TekstRapportage Observation {klantCode}.Report.{reportId}

‘TekstRapportage’ (observation) does not exist as a Zib. This model is used for general text observations that do not contain a measurement. We are not using the ‘TekstUitslag’ for this kind of observations, because that ZIB is explicitly meant for diagnostic or therapeutic actions.

Note: All IDs that currently contain {klantCode} will be refactored to a variant with a UUID.

ZIBs in development

The following ZIBs are currently on the roadmap to be developed. We hope to finish these ZIBs somewhere in 2021: